Monday, January 3, 2011

Vacation Adventures (part 1)

I had a great vacation this past week.
I FINALLY made it out west.
The furthest out west I'd been is Las Vegas, a town I had to go to for work, not a town I'd probably really choose to go to on my own.  Not that there is anything really wrong with Vegas.  Some people may really like it.  I'm just not really one of those people.

But California...I think that is MY state.  I love it there.  the weather, the scenery, the people.  It all seems great.  Mind you I was there for a little under a week and we got off to a little bit of a rocky start...but over all I love it there.

So let me tell you what happened when I first arrived there. 
So we decided to go to lunch right after I arrived.  There was a neat little breakfast place that my friends wanted to try, so we headed there.  As we were trying to park (parallel parking sucks in a big ol' suv) we noticed a cop kind of hovering by, right about the time we notice the parking meter is out of we thought ok, were in trouble. 
So while most of us are out of the car, the car in front of us moved and Carrie pulled into that spot. 
We see the cop speak to a woman that was coming out of the bank, his hand hovering over his gun.  She quickly tells us..."get over by this side of the building, someone is robbing the bank!!!"
I think we all looked at her like she was totally nuts!  We didn't believe it.  So we're standing there.  Waiting, motioning for Carrie to stay in the car with baby Sean, trying to figure out what the heck was going on. 
Then it was suddenly over, the cop tells us it was a false alarm, that apparently someone in the bank accidentally triggered the silent alarm.  Then he tells us "you can park wherever you want".

Good thing the pancakes were really good! 
Richard Walker's Apple Pancake

More to come on my vacation adventures very soon....

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