Friday, January 7, 2011

Big Disappointment Tonight

SO all week I've been pretty excited, see the New Guy and I were going out tonight. 
Our first non weeknight date. 
I planned out what I was going to wear,  we got off work early and turned the curling iron on and all that. 

I've had so many things to talk to him about, things I wanted to ask him, and I felt like I finally got to the point where I'm really excited to do this dating thing.  I was really ready to put myself back out there. 

So at 5:30 I sent him a text- just to confirm the time.  After all the last time we went out was December 14th-
which in all fairness, he left on the 20th for Spain, and as one that travels semi frequently out of country I know communication when you are out isn't easy or always possible, not to mention that it can be expensive.  SO I understood not hearing from him for the last 2 1/2 weeks. 
He had mentioned he would be back on the 3rd but I wasn't sure so I waited till Tuesday (the 4th) to text him.   A simple Happy New Year and Welcome Back.  And then I didn't hear anything, until Wednesday night.  He called, right in the middle of my teaching the JR High Youth Group.  So I couldn't take the call.  :o(
He left a strange voicemail that asked me to call him back.  But when I did I got his voicemail so I left him a message for him to call again.  But never heard back. 

SO shortly after I sent my text tonight to confirm the time I got this...
"Oh cuss (I'm assuming he meant a particular word with that one) -chica (which is what he seems to call me) , I'm on my way to Tulsa picking up my sister from the airport.  Family emergency.  I really am sorry- this has been a brutal week.  I take her back Monday. "

Then after I responded I got one that said "Pray for her husband" (with just a tiny more detail) but really nothing that eluded to what was going on. 

So I TOTALLY understand, after all if my sisters ever needed anything I'd cancel too... I just am really disappointed. 
And I'll be honest I cried.  I think there is a part of me that is really afraid I'm going to get to the point where I like this guy and he doesn't like me back. 
Crazy I know... I have to take a risk if this is going to work. 

But you ladies (or gentlemen if you're out there) if you have any dating tips please feel free to pass them on. 
I'm not really sure what to do here, other than wait for him to call or text me when his sister leaves. 
Hopefully by that point I'll be a little less emotional about the whole thing. 


Bonnie Gray said...

Hey Leanna,

If this guy is the one from God, he is not going to shake lose so easily. It's so normal to be disappointed!

I'm going to pray you have the courage to hold onto your heart, while opening it enough to see what happens.

If this guy doesn't work out, keep dating! Give the other guys a chance at our Leanna! :)

HUGS!! Wish I could come over and just make you laugh or have a good cry.. and just feel better! ooxx

Leanna said...

Thanks Bonnie.
You're right, if he is the one God has for me, then things will work out. If not then no matter what we do it's not going to work.

the problem is where do I find these other guys? Everyone always says "you're such a great grls and all that" but there aren't really any great guys out there.

Thank you too for praying, please keep it up.