Tuesday, October 9, 2012

There’s still something about mail…

***Update*** I managed to miss linking up with Dayspring for the review regretfully since I was having some email trouble. L


I was especially pleased last month when I was chosen to review some of their cards.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve gotten to review something for them and I always love doing to. 

(I was not paid to write anything for them so my view on the product is my own)


Personally I’m a card person. 

I always have been, I remember being in YWAM over 10 years ago and when we were out traveling the United States for the “stateside” portion of our outreach I bought some blank cards and write letters to the whole class.

Just because I wanted them all to have some “REAL MAIL” when we returned from outreach in 2 months. 


There’s always something about going to the mail box and something besides a bill or magazine being in there.

It has a way of lifting spirits, of bringing a smile, of saying hello before even being opened.

It brings possibility in that envelope, the possibility of good things.

And who doesn’t like that. 


Dayspring sent me their packet of cards that are from their  Redeemed line…

Personally I really liked them. 

They are good all occasion cards, and I’ve already used several. 


One in particular was for a dear friend who needed some encouragement.  Just to let her know she was being thought of.

It was this one in the pack, which might possibly have been my favorite of the group.

Since I love the old fashioned things and this just had that “stand the test of time feel to it”.


I have sent a couple other ones since then as well, and look forward to using the rest of the cards in the pack.

They have such a unique feel to them and are very encouraging. 

And the REDEEMED line  has a lot of neat stuff to it as well. 

I’m particularly excited to be gifting some of the jewelry (can’t tell you what until after the 28th)

For my ladies in my Women’s Encounter group. 


Really if you could see the big grin on my face about all this you would probably laugh at me.

But think of it, cards are a great way to connect or reconnect with someone.

They are always a unique way of saying you care, in this age of online Birthday greetings, Facebook, blogs, and text messaging.

It lends an air of care to what you are saying. 


SO I encourage you to send a card to someone…for “no reason” at all. 

After all there is just something about Mail...