Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vacation, Vacation, vacation

I was so thankful to be able to get away recently to visit a friend in the Portland/Hood River area. 
We had a great visit.  hiking, talking, eating, grabbing coffee at just about every oppertunity.
Below are just a few shots of the trip...they aren't the good ones, these are just Iphone pictures. 
I'll load some "real ones" soon. 

Faith Barista Jam- Growing Intrests

What is a passion or interest you'd like to nurture and grow?
I'll be blogging this frim the airport viz my phone so hopefully you'll forgive any errors or mistake or things of the such.  But really why I say that I don't know. 


Everyone at the Barista place is always so warm, welcoming, encouraging and friendly that is a non issue. 
The topic Bonnie gave us this week was "what is a passion or intrest you'd like to nuture and grow"?
For me that has to be my creatitivity.
I'll be honest my current job doesn't allow much for the creatitity to get flowing on most days. 
But everyone in a while I'll get to help work on a project with our marketing guy which allows it.
Or I'll get the oppertunity to go out and shoot, be it a wedding, or SR pictures, families or nature.
I know I want to work on the other end of just taking pictures as well. 
The editing side of things so to speak. 
I have the programs,
Some books,
I think all I really lack is the will power
I know for me this side of things will be a little bit harder
and I also know I hate to fail.

That's probably going what holds me back. 
But I'm working on it and looking into it.

I know that most of the time I do really know how to take a good picture.
I just want the skills to take that good picture and change it, make it something different.
So we shall see.....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stepping Down

(courtesy of Google images)

How do you know when it's time?  Time to step down, to move on, to take another path.
To leave the thing that you are currently doing.
No matter how much you once enjoyed it.
No matter how "GOOD" or "GODLY" of a thing it is.

And how do you know when it's just a rough season?
When you need to press in and hold on?
That no matter how much you want to step down from that good thing you need to press on
and press through.
Fighting to stay vs. just going on.

I'm wrestling with the decision on stepping down from working with the youth at my one church.
(For you newbies- I have 2 churches I attend regularly)
I've been enjoying the "new" church more and more these day.
I feel like I learn a lot there and I have a deep desire to get plugged in more with the things going on.
The problem, their cell groups are on Wednesday nights.
So it limits me on how involved I can get.
Since I'm at my other church on Wednesdays with the youth there.

And honestly, youth has been tough this season. 
Or SR High YP is new and it's been an adjustment.
The kids have been harder to work with lately. 

But at the same time I love my kids.
And I have a hard time seeing my self not involved with youth.
And there are kids in my current group that I care deeply about.
Ones that need love, compassion, protection, and just someone to know that they are worth something.
They need someone to value them.
And I want to show them they are valued.
Not only by me but also by God.
They are the reason I stay.

Until I feel clearly God telling me to go,
they will be that thing that keeps me there.
That driving force to leave my phone on and answer the 1am text messages.

Even if I very much at times want to step down.

Psalm 37:23
The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, And He delights in his way.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The gift of hospitality *Faith Barista Jam*


But most of the time when I wanted to get on here I couldn't and when I couldn't the words just weren't here.

And today's JAM with Bonnie from the Faith Barista wasn't one I was sure I'd have something to say about but at the same time I really wanted to get Jamming again with her so here goes....

One of the things I loved from her post on Hospitality is this:

"...when it comes to practicing hospitality, yours doesn’t have to look anything like mine—or Lynn’s.
Your hospitality shouldn’t look like anyone else’s.   Hospitality really means loving others with your life."

What a great way to look at it. 
I often try to open my home up, but I'm not much of a cook myself.  It's not that I can't cook I just really don't like to.  It takes time and I often just tend to worry if it's going to turn out right. 
I've cooked several times for my kids... some college age kids that have gone on mission trips with us. 
While their homes are 2 hours or more away this past year they ended up going to college just 30 minutes away from where I live. 
I told them when they enrolled they were always welcome in my home. 
No matter what. 
They are after all "my kids". 

There are times when they are there that I try cooking, everytime I've done it it's actually turned out thankfully but there are other times when I just buy several frozen pizzas (they are boys who eat ALOT) grab a bag salad, some icecream or brownies and there's dinner. 
They never seem to care what we eat.  We visit for a while and watch a movie unless someone has to be back for a cerfew. 
We often end up watching a Twilight movie! Crazy right! But I always let the kids pick and they boys for some strange reason want to watch those!

Through hosting them the last year I've even had ones that are going to college 2hrs away come the same nights as the others or the kid that's intering at her church for these first few years instead of going to college. 
Each time they come I always tell them they are welcome to bring anyone they want,  just let me know how many so I'm sure to have enough food. 
I've had kids I've never met before in my home and we still always have a good time. 
And often they end up "friending" me on Facebook the next day. 

I find that for me the hospitality isn't about opening my home up to them or cooking and making sure the house is clean but is making room and welcoming them in my heart. 

Keeping the connections going, checking on them randomly either in Facebook, Texting or some other way. 
It's letting them know I care.  After all we all need to be cared for, even if it's just in some small way.

So I've been MIA here on the blog lately, and I've missed it a lot sometimes.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Can you help?

I don't usually ask, in fact I'm pretty sure I never have.  But ...

Can you help?
I know a wonderful woman, one who has touched my heart many times when she probably never knew it.
One who has had strength and courage that I often am amazed at and think I could never have.
One who has gone through things I could not imagine going through.
One who has CHOSEN to obey the call of God and go places many of us would never even consider going.
One who has also obeyed God and returned from those places even though her heart was there and she didn't want to return.
She's not a saint. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want me to make her out to be one.
But she is one of the best people I have ever had the privilege to know.
One that when I think of her am SO BLESSED to know her and BEYOND BLESSED that she is still here on this Earth.

I know that most of you who know me don't know her but I'm asking, for you to consider helping.
She is walking (or hopes to walk if health allows it) in the San Francisco, CA 3 Day for the cure again this year.
For her third time. She still has $1000 left to raise for the event and had one month left to do it.

She didn't ask me to ask you. In fact she doesn't know that I am.
A part of me hopes she doesn't see this and never finds out.

But I feel led to do it.
I donated, Will you?
Even a small amount?
Every little bit will help her reach her goal.
Every little bit goes to Breast Cancer Research
Every little bit will toward finding a cure for this horrible disease.

Please think about it, Pray about it.

Here's the place to donate for her:

Oh and every little bit is tax deductable.

Here's more of her story.