Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Faith Barista Jam- Growing Intrests

What is a passion or interest you'd like to nurture and grow?
I'll be blogging this frim the airport viz my phone so hopefully you'll forgive any errors or mistake or things of the such.  But really why I say that I don't know. 


Everyone at the Barista place is always so warm, welcoming, encouraging and friendly that is a non issue. 
The topic Bonnie gave us this week was "what is a passion or intrest you'd like to nuture and grow"?
For me that has to be my creatitivity.
I'll be honest my current job doesn't allow much for the creatitity to get flowing on most days. 
But everyone in a while I'll get to help work on a project with our marketing guy which allows it.
Or I'll get the oppertunity to go out and shoot, be it a wedding, or SR pictures, families or nature.
I know I want to work on the other end of just taking pictures as well. 
The editing side of things so to speak. 
I have the programs,
Some books,
I think all I really lack is the will power
I know for me this side of things will be a little bit harder
and I also know I hate to fail.

That's probably going what holds me back. 
But I'm working on it and looking into it.

I know that most of the time I do really know how to take a good picture.
I just want the skills to take that good picture and change it, make it something different.
So we shall see.....

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