Thursday, December 30, 2010

Love languages

So I just finished reading the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman.

I decided to start reading this after the new guy asked me how I give and receive love on our last date.
I had thought I'd read the book before. I'd certainly discussed it before.
But when it came down to it and he was asking me about it I didn't know much about it.
I was pretty sure I knew how I gave love according to the 5. But I had no idea how I receive love.
Truth be told. I think I have a pretty hard time receiving it.
And I told him as much. But it made me curious.
So I bought the book. It took me just a little over 2 weeks to read it. It really only took that long since we had all the holiday things going on.
I think I would have had it finished sooner of not for that.

It was a very enlightening book to me.
One that I think will transcend into "regular life" not just my romantic relationship.
It really talks about how to love all those around you, from family to friends, to coworkers and of course boyfriends/girlfriends. Loving them in the way that they need, desire & long to be loved. In the way that they are most Lilly to accept it. They way they crave to be loved.

It took me almost the whole book to figure out how I receive love best. That and the quiz in the back :)
But once I did I could totally see the point an things it was saying on how I desire to be loved.
Now don't get me wrong it's not 100% right on. After all, my primary love language may be Quality time but I also need someone who will call or text, initating communication. I know that I need to know that the person really wants me. That they desire me as a human not just a girl or a bed warmer or something like that.
Which is hard. How do you explain that to a boy?
Is it right or wrong to let them know what you need?
Do you go into the why of it? The aside from the last guy I was seeing, every boy cheated on me? Or is that too much info for a new relationship? And if it is where does the whole honesty thing come into play. If I want things to work, and I think I do, do I lay it all out there? Do I expose my heart? Or hold it all tight and wait till things get farther along?

Hummm, things to ponder as we approach the new year.

One thing I know though. I look forward to putting into practice is loving others as they need to be loved. After all if we do that can we really go wrong?

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