Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tomorrow's the Date....

So, I can't remember if I posted that the new guy finally called or not. 

But he did, Monday night.

And the call went well, really well.  There was a lot of laughing. 

And we have a lunch DATE tomorrow.

We had to make it a lunch thing since our schedules didn't mesh well this week.

The evenings I had free (which basically were Monday and Thursday- and he didn't call till about 7 Monday night so that made that night out of the question) and the evenings that he had free didn't coincide with mine...he tried to offer to get out of some of his plans for Thursday but I'm one who feels you should keep your commitments so I wanted him to keep his.

But we both seemed to still want to see each other so when he suggested lunch I went ahead and agreed.  Even though he refrenced that a "day date" doesn't follow the regular rules that the evening dates do, so I wonder what's really in store for tomorrow. 

I will say that I do see now if this is going to have any kind of chance I may need to work on freeing up my schedule a little bit. 
Life is SO busy right now that may take a little time.  But I find that I'm actually willing to try to do that. 

All in all so far he seems like a really nice guy. 
And did I mention that he's pretty good looking?! :o)

If I didn't let me do that now....


I'm already starting to get a little nervous about lunch, but that's ok.  It's totally normal for me. 

Hopefully I'll have a nice little post for you tomorrow afternoon or at least after this weekend.


Alyssa Rose said...

I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow with lunch and all! :D

Leanna said...

Thank you Alyssa! :o)

Abbie H. said...

Hope your lunch date went well!