Sunday, December 5, 2010

Slightly disappointed

Well, right now I should be out with the new boy.

But obviously if I'm writing this I'm not.  :o(
It's ok, really it is.  I am disappointed, which to me actually is a good thing.
After all it helps me to see that I'm somewhat vested in this. 

That I'm not keeping my self fully at a distance. 

That I can see potential. 

And he had a good reason.
See he's on the church worship team and they had a slight issue come up.
One where they needed to have a meeting. 
It just happened that they needed to have the meeting tonight. 
They didn't think it should wait.  That they need to take care of the issue before it became a bigger issue.
I since I've worked other churches and currently work in my own church I do understand all of that.
He called as soon as as he got out of church this morning to let me know.  Apologised and we are set for tomorrow night instead.
Which I'm looking forward to.

But I am still slightly disappointed that we couldn't do tonight.

Though on the other hand I'm very exhausted from my weekend away.
So much so I think I may end up in bed around 8:30.
Which being this tired would not have been good for the date.

So tomorrow is a new day and God's timing is perfect.

So here's to tomorrow night.  :o)

Full of potential and expectation.


Abbie H. said...

Things work out for great reasons and you've even pointed out that tonight might not be the best night anyway. And that just means that tomorrow night will be that much better!

S.I.F. said...

Hoping that you get an amazing date tomorrow friend!