Saturday, December 4, 2010


So yesterday's lunch date went good. 

I will say that I'm not a big fan of lunch dates though. 
It seemed like we finally got to a point of rolling conversation and then it was time to go back to work.  An hour (less really if you count drive time) just isn't long enough at this point. 

But I had a good time. It was nice. And I'm finding myself thinking I can do this. 
And not only that I can but I want too. 

He just seems really nice. And sweet. 
Plus he seems to pickup on the fact that I'm going to need to take things slow. 
But he seems totally ok with that. 
I realized something too, today when I had to pause in writing this post. 
He asked me yesterday how my week was. 
Now I know that may not seem like a big deal but when I was with the other guy I can't tell you the last time he asked how my day/week was or anything like that. 

New guy not only asked but when I said it was ok, wanted to know why it was just ok. I've been sick since Tuesday (sinus infection) which puts a damper on the week. 
So big time brownie points to him. Ones he doesn't even know he scored. Because too even though I have a great family I'm not the one "worried" about most of the time. So that's something that's very important to me in a future spouse. 

So, even though I wasn't looking for this. Even though I worried about the timing. Even though I worry about finding time. And even though I don't really know if this is "the one" (or that I really believe in that). 
I find that I'm excited. That I'm healing from the past hurts, that I deserve a nice guy, and that there are still nice guys out there. 

Tomorrow night we have our 2nd date. 
I'm looking forward to it. I just wish I knew what I should wear. :o)


Alyssa Rose said...

I say, let your hair down! Go with an outfit/shirt/pants or even a skirt that you haven't put on for a while. Then put on a smile! That is usually the best accessory of an outfit! :D Who knows, it might just make him fall head over "guy shoes" for ya! ;)

Christy said...

Deary I am so excited for you! And I will be praying that you will have wisdom and judge him based on past experiences have had. Have a great time and good luck with your outfit!

Leanna said...

Christy thank you so much for your prayers.
Alyssa- yes hair down check :) I'd really like to wear the skirt but our cold front just moved in and it's freezing here. :) as for the smile, that seems to happen naturally. :)