Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm addicted ...

So, first off I want to say I've totally lost my "want to back out" feeling for the up coming trip.
I'm looking forward to it now. however we are having some issues with our domestic flight and we are very unflexable with what we can get for our flight to and from FL since I have to lead the flight there and back with one other lady. So please, please, please keep it in your prayers.

Alright on to the addictions. :o)
I'm currently addicted to wedding dress shows.
Be it TLCs "Say Yes to the Dress", or some other show I just love these things right now.
I even "found my dress", it is georgus, however I went to see it on the show I DVRed and it's not there anymore :o( sometimes I REALLY hate the DVR!!!
But hopefully I'll catch it again on a rerun.

I wonder though if these wedding dress shows are really good for me.
Take tonight for example. I'm watching one now as I'm typing this, and enjoy it.
But I also feel a little lonely tonight and can't help but wonder, is it good to see all these women planning their wedding when that's what I'm looking for myself?

Isn't this some kind of torture? Am I stupid for watching this? It seems like torture at times, like tonight when I feel lonely but at the same time it's like I just can't look away.

I guess I keep looking for my happy ending. One day I know I'll find it.


Patti said...

I found your blog through the linkup on Jenna's Journey and have been reading through some of your entries...and you have an official reader now! I love the topics you are struggling with and writing about - well, I mean, I don't LOVE them, that just sounds mean...but I am in the same position in many ways and so I can identify! I had to stop and comment here because I laughed when I read it as I have a MAJOR addiction to those wedding-type shows, and I often wonder if I'm totally messing with my own head by watching them. I also wonder who pays $20,000 for a dress, but that's another post ;-) Thanks for sharing!

Leanna said...

Thanks Patti!
Yes I know totally what you mean when you say you love it yet at the same time don't. :o)
And yes I often wonder who pays $20,000 for a dress too! That just seems totally CRAZY!