Monday, May 17, 2010

Some Kids...

First off let me just state that while I really am trying not to think this way, it just seems like it is going to be one of those weeks.
Know what I mean? Since Friday (and yep that's when it started) and my sister's horrible ex's doing. I hit my hand which still hurts, yep that's not a good sign.
Had an ear ache that night, another one Saturday and when I tilt my head certain ways it gives me a funny feeling.
I have a slight cough, and feel achy as well.

And I have to deal with STUPID people...or should I say Stupid rude teenagers who think they know all.
Now mind you I work with teenagers so I really do love them. And I understand for the most part when one of them is acting out because they need attention or something like that.
But to be rude to an adult that is not allowing you to have your way for a business reason?!
That's pretty crappy.
And then when the adult calls you on your rudeness you get all defensive and start acting like you never said or did anything wrong?! What the heck!

Oh I should mention that this July I'll be on a mission trip with this 18yr old KID and I'll be leadership. So I can't just say what I'd really like to and all that because I have to continue to deal with him. For two weeks...all prayers are appreciated!

But I can call him a little Jerk on here which is exactly what I'm doing. Right or Wrong...because that's exactly the way he was acting.

But yes I think it's going to be one of those weeks. I REALLY hope I'm wrong though!

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