Friday, May 14, 2010

What a douche...

Pretty much all day today its rained. Not just little sprinkles but down pour rain.
Standing water everywhere rain!
Tons, and tons, and tons of rain.

And today when I got home, I parked in the garage, got out to get the mail and when I was on the way back to the house noticed there was a bunch of stuff on the porch. And when I say a bunch of stuff I mean a BUNCH of stuff.

Apparently my sisters ex decided today would be the day he would come drop off all the stuff of hers that he had. Now I can say I don't really understand why he still had it. My GUESS is that she left stuff there when she first moved into the apartment last March. Like I said there was a LOT of stuff and I can't imagine where she would have put it in the apartment.
But to do it TODAY???!!!

What a douche bag! Tons of rain, wet porch, and all that jazz.
To make matters worse, my sister is gone today. And when I came home tonight I was sick. :o(
So the last thing I wanted to do was move all this stuff into the house.
But its supposed to rain more...all weekend in fact.
And its a weekend full of graduation so I didn't know when we would get to it if I didn't do it tonight.

Who does crap like that?! Stupid jerk.
And yes, if I hadn't been sick it wouldn't have been that bad. At least not till I banged my hand on the door bringing some of it in. I'm now at the point where I'm hoping I didn't crack the bone in my knuckle, it's bruised, a bit swollen and very tender. Probably just a deep bruise...nothing unusual there, but CRAP does it hurt.

Anyhow....needed to vent.

Have a great weekend all.

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S.I.F. said...

Who does something like that?!? It's just wrong!