Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life ...

This weekend was the graduation of one of my dear friends who is also just like family.
Seeing her graduate brings to mind all the possibilities that are laid out before her, all the new dreams, all the big plans, all the endless planning for the future.
And with a few more graduations coming in the following weeks it all has me reflecting on where I was "back then" and all the things I wanted to do.

First off let me just say it doesn't seem like 12 years could have possibly gone by already. I don't feel 30 and thankfully (& ok, conceitedly) I don't look thirty :o)
Is this where I thought I'd be? Is this where I planned to be? Nope. Am I ok, yeppers.

So back when I graduated HS I had planned to go to college, study missions, and theology and then be a full time missionary somewhere very interesting. Marry when I was 24 and start having children when I was 26.

Ok, so most of that hasn't happened. I have done some college. I am still active in missions, though it's part time not full time. So...

But I have worked in some amazing places, all over the world. 2 years ago I made my goal of going to almost every Continent...except Antarctica...which I hope to get to eventually but lets face it there aren't a lot of reasons for going there.
I've worked in some orphanages as well, which has given me an amazing desire to adopt children. To provide for kids that have nothing and no one, just fills my heart. It's something that I want to do if I marry or if I don't marry.

As for college I did some regular college then, well, I went to YWAM -Youth With a Mission- when I was 21 . It taught me biblical things, many mission things, great pointers on loving and reaching out to others, and gave me so great friends that are located all over the world these days. It helped me become the person I am today.

And after that I ended up where I currently work both places actually. I may not love my full time job all the time. But I work with some GREAT people. And for a company that has blessed me with the time I need to continue to do missions. And my 2nd job, working with youth. If I hadn't done YWAM I couldn't imagine being able to help them.
Just today I received a graduation invitation from one of my girls, and she told me I'd had a great impact on her life. the best compliment I think I may have ever gotten. It makes all of it worth it.

And then there is the other aspect of my life,,, the yet to come. I know I want to go back to school...and plan to soon I hope. And follow up with more photography stuff.
I also know I want to help people in a different way than I did 12 yrs ago. Looking into counseling and social work this time.

As for the marriage...well romantically my life hasn't turned out at all like I had planned.
Which sometimes seems a little disappointing, has had it's share of heartbreaks, lost dreams, but its also had some times filled with laughter, love, joy, contentment, great friends, and times of character building. :o)
I still want to get married..of course...and still have hope that one day it will happen.
In fact I know that when the time is right it will happen.

I've had a great 12 years full of living, full of life... not a life I expected but a life I love.
So no matter what your age is I leave this with you, no matter where you are in life, no matter what you are doing...

Make a life, a life you love, filled with people you love, and don't wait to live till the next phase, live now. Right now, no matter where you are in what "you have planned".
After all God's dreams for us are often bigger than our own and don't you think that he knows what's best for you at every stage?

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