Monday, June 14, 2010

How hard can it be...

So I made a promise, I promised that I would get some mace.
For when I run.  Especially when I run alone.  
Because that's the safe thing to do.
And I talked with my running buddy she mentioned that she's thought about getting some as well.
After all we are both girls.  We run in some wooded areas, most of the time it's probably pretty safe but there is always the possibility that someone could come along when it's late in the run and we would be really tired or they could come along when we were on the more secluded part of the trail, and let's face it it just isn't very safe.
And after all I made a promise. I said I would. 
But I'm having a hard time.  I can't find the right kind.
That's right there is more than one type of mace.
See you have mace that is for joggers/runners.  It comes in the nice little containers with the right kind of lids so if you fall you don't accidentally spray yourself.  So it's something you want.

   But the other thing you need to keep in mind is a breeze or wind.  you have a bit of a breeze going when you spray that thing and you can end up spraying it in your own face which defeats the purpose.  So you want to get a mace gel or foam.

So ideally you want the gel or foam so you don't end up spraying yourself.
Can I find that????...No of course not.  
:o( So for now I'm holding off...I'll see what I can find.  Maybe see if I can contact a police officer or someone would would know where I could find it.  

If you know where I can get it send me a message or a link please. 
After all I made a promise and it's my turn to hold up my end of the bargain. 

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