Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HELP- I'm going to go Crazy...

So I should start out telling you the good news!  I adopted this weekend.
SO I now have a new baby.  Not a human baby, but a furry baby.
I decided it was time to get another cat, and it worked out perfectly since one of our local animal shelters was running a cat/kitten adoption special.  Free- which means no adoption fees- and it includes spay/neutering, shots, microchip, and a vet visit.
All in all a pretty good deal since once you get the pet home they cost even more $$$$!

This is Tucker. He's 12wks old.

I think Tucker is pretty great.  He's very affectionate, lovable, sweet and all those things you'd associate with a kitten. There's one problem.  He likes to Meow...A LOT!
I've read that it's because they want attention, and I can see that, some of the time but other times he'll climb off your lap and then start meowing.  It doesn't make sense. 
It's the worst in the morning once he knows you're up.  Then he doesn't want you out of his sight.  Which doesn't work well for me since I have to get ready for work and all that.  I should mention that he's not allowed in my bedroom.  Maybe once he's older he'll be allowed in there but right now I don't want him getting into anything he shouldn't be in.  And he won't be sleeping in the bed, ever.  That's just how I roll. 
But this meowing, I'm not sure how to fix it.  When he's with me, like on my lap or next to me when he does it I'll tap him.  but when he's across the room I don't think that he'll know what I'm swatting him for once I get over there.  And it goes against what most sites tell you to do, which is ignore them. 
So I'm not 100% sure how to get this behavior corrected but I know it's something that has to change.  It's driving me and my sister crazy!!!!  
I think for the time being I'll go to Walmart and see if I can find a squirt bottle.  Something that can shoot across the room.  Maybe that will help him figure out that this isn't something he can continue to do. Fingers crossed that it actually works.

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S.I.F. said...

So cute! I love him! Congratulations lady!