Friday, February 11, 2011

Product Review- Dayspring/ (in)courge

I have the opportunity to do my first product review!

To be honest I was a little nervous when I got the email stating that I was selected to do the review.  After all I've never done anything like this before.

But I am a HUGE fan of Dayspring, from their cards, to their home decorating things, to their jewelery everything I've gotten from them before I've loved.  So I thought why not?

I'm reviewing the God's Heart for You Necklace.

And with Valentines day right around the corner - A holiday that personally I tend to loathe but always celebrate by passing out little cards to the ladies I work with, I picked this month to do the review.   Because whether you are one who has been married for years, married just a little while,  engaged, single and want to get something for yourself or maybe you are looking for something for your daughter or sister or just a girl you think could use a little something nice.

This necklace is PERFECT for all of those people.
When I wear this necklace I am instantly reminded of the things God speaks to me, over me, the TRUTH that is even when I'm having a hard time believing it.

I love that each word has a corresponding scripture that goes along with it. 
CREATED- Psalm 139:14
CHOSEN- Deuteronomy 14:2
CELEBRATED- Zephaniah 3:17
CHERISHED- Jeremiah 31:3

And really I would take this not just on Valentines day but any day of the year. 

I think all the words could be great conversation starters as well.  What a wonderful way to be able to share the love of God with someone by telling them about each meaning on here in how he loves you. 

This necklace also comes in a little velvet envelope, one that is perfect for gift giving and also comes with the card showing each scripture written out.

This is definitely a piece I will happily treasure in my jewelry collection.


Jenny LeAnn said...

This necklace is beautiful! I am also doing a review over at my blog today! you should go take a lookie because I also have a $20 giveaway to use in the dayspring store!

Brooke said...

Hi! I discovered your blog through (in)courage's product reviews. I'm doing a review, too! :) Love the photos you took of the necklace.

Meg said...

Found your page through InCourage. I've always loved that necklace that you're reviewed. It's so lovely!

I also reviewed a Dayspring product, and am giving away a gift certificate. Stop by and check it out:


Melanie said...

Hello! I found you over at inCourage's review page (I reviewed this necklace too) LOVE IT!!! Beautiful reminder of His love.