Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I like doctors?....

Not really, not usually, but I went to the doctor this afternoon. 

To finally see what was going on with the pain & the bleeding and all that. 

And over all it was a GREAT appointment. 

I talked to my doctor about what's going on, the symptoms, showed her everything I'd written down for the last month. 
Ask questions I could think of.  Cried a little- which she assured me is normal.

She understood my frustration and feels it too.

But it comes down to we don't know why.

It doesn't make sense.  Why I'm getting more cysts and why they are causing pain like this.

She said that in some cases that we can have issues in our early twenties- which I did- then things settle down and then start back up after we hit 30. Which is exactly what mine did.

(courtesy of Google images)
The white cyst (above) is almost exactly what mine from November looked like.  Apparently this is something we all get monthly.
Below is what endometrosis looks like in some cases.  And not what mine looks like.

 (courtesy of Google images)

She even asked if I would wait so we could look at some pictures of Endometrosis and all that, and compare them them to my photos from surgery in November. So unless it is endometrosis that is in my uterine wall it probably isn't that- but the only way to know that is when they cut it in sections and look it it after it's all been taken out- so that is NOT a possibility for me anytime soon. However it's possible that it is microscopic endometrosis but the only way to know that as well is to do random biopsies to see if we can find it and the odds that we would aren't favorable.

Then we talked options. The main thing being birth control, because we want to get the bleeding to stop. And she let me know what would or could happen with that. As well as the different types and all that.

She did drop the H word- hysterectomy. Which we hope is not going to be needed for a long time but if things keep going the way they are she thinks it will be a possibility, but she thinks I could have time to still have kids and all that.

Which was nice to hear.

She also sent me over to the lab to have my thyroid tested. And put me on some iron tablets, since all the "extra" bleeding has taken my anemia to a new level.

All in all it went well. I do wish we knew the why on all of this happening but till we get to that point I guess this will do.

I feel ok with all of it. And it was really nice for her to show me with the pictures that I don't have the endometrosis. At least that we can tell.
I'm glad it was a snow day- I think it allowed her to give me more time.  Which is just what I needed. 
So now I will wait, think about my option, how I'm going to pay for that, and pray.
And pray and pray...that God will grant this body healing. 
No matter what is going on, even if I don't know or my doctor doesn't know, HE knows. 
And I'm going to trust him for all of this. 


dunlizzie said...

I will pray also. Our God is capable. Take care :)

Leanna said...

Thank you Holly. Prayer is always appreciated. :)