Tuesday, February 1, 2011

drawing a blank

We have a snow day here today. 

They are calling for up to 14 inches of snow in our area. 
Something that I don't recall happening in a really long time if ever in our little northwest Arkansas town. 

So I'm stuck at home for now, something I'm not a big fan of.  Being stuck.  I tend to go a little stir crazy after one day in the house.  Though I can say I enjoyed sleeping in till about 9:30 this morning. 

I do wish that people wouldn't text so much in the morning though.  :o)  Even on silent I still hear my phone. 
But any how...that's not what I got on to write about. 

Funny thing is there are times I wish I could get in front of my computer and just write it all out. 
And then more often than not, when I do finally have time to write nothing comes. 
I'm not sure why.
It's just been that way lately.

It happened again today. 

I sat here all day with the computer on and then couldn't write. 

Even though this morning I knew what I wanted to write about,  what I wanted to say even.

SO gurrr...this is a little frustrating. 

Oh well though. 

Here's a snow shot for you....stay warm wherever you are.

Oh you can't tell but its still snowing here!


dunlizzie said...

I've been enjoying all the pics i have seen of this record snowfall from my friends in that area. I hope you've got some hot chocolate trapped inside with you! As for the writing thing, I can totally relate, especially with blogs and especially with things that are closer to my heart. I ponder them for a week or so, having them formed almost completely in my head, then sit to write and come up empty. I think for me it comes down to the vulnerability of it all. So for me, it's a matter of surrendering my control of others' perceptions and just being honest, which scares me every time, but in the process, I have def grown as it is God who gives me the grace to do it.

Alyssa Rose said...

Wow! 14 inches! We are in the negatives here And Mondays commute to work took me 2h in stead of the normal 45 minutes. Now that was a frustrating morning!

Any how, I know exactly what you mean with the whole writing thing. That has been me this whole week. Once I am about to fall asleep I think of many things to write but then the next day when I go to write them... BLANK! I just don't get it ither!

I hope you enjoy some restful time with your snow day!

Leanna said...

thanks Ladies!