Monday, February 14, 2011

I've always loathed this day...

So I've always loathed Valentine's Day, ok, for as long as I remember.  Which means I may have liked it back when I was five but I know later on in Elementary school I didn't care for it.

I never have liked the way it seemed to have the power to make people feel bad.  Once you hit the age of not having to give everyone in your class a Valentine's Day card it just seems like someone will get their feelings hurt or surely has the potential to do that. 

Now, I'll be honest, aside from last year I never had a Valentine. Now that doesn't mean I haven;t gotten things on Valentine's Day.  I've had random guys who got the courage to send things or bring them to my house when I was younger.
I've even had "nut jobs" who for years sent flowers to my office and signed it as my secret admirer. 
So it's not about not getting anything from someone on that day. 

But I've always, been one that if I'm going to get flowers or something (though I do really like flowers) from someone expressing their love I don't want them on the day where the florist has basically told them to send them to me.

I want them to send them on their own.  I know some people think it's unrealistic to believe a guy will do this but it's how I feel.

I also have always felt that everyday should be a day where you tell someone you love them.  You should never be waiting to show someone till Valentine's Day, since we are never promised another day this just seems like a bad idea to me. 

This year though Hallmark released a new commercial about what Valentine's Day mean.  That it's not a day to say I love you but a day to say I love US.
I must admit that whoever came up with this did an AMAZING job!
I've posted the link from YouTube to watch: 

I wanted to post the actual video but couldn't get it to work, sorry about that.
But watch it if you have a sec.  It's pretty cute.

And don't worry about me or my lack of Valentines this year. 
God sent me an amazing sunrise this morning, and HE is the best Valentine ever.
My deep hope is that you will make him yours too if you haven't already and if you have that you will remember how much he loves you too! 

John :16
For God so loved the world (*hint that's you and me)
That he gave his one and only Son
that whoever believes in him shall not perish
but have eternal life.

May you remember all he has given you today and everyday.
Flowers in the spring, s sunrise and sunset everyday, green grass, clear blue waters, trees,
and anything else that catches your eye...see he is wooing us everyday. 

**not the best pic but I was driving to work.

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