Thursday, April 1, 2010

Somebody knows something I don't know....

So Target must know something I don't know... Apparently I've gone and gotten engaged and no one told me about it. :o)
I thought this was just too funny!
After being in Mexico for a week and having people tease me about my singleness, one tell me to write down (journal) what I want in a husband, and that I have not because I ask not.
No mind you I'm teased ALWAYS by my youth on my being old, short and single. And I know that aside from not being unhappy in the least about my shortness (After all it's much easier to find a guy that's taller than you when you are in fact a shorter person), there isn't much I can do about the other two things they tease me about. Besides 30 is NOT old.
But that said, it just all seemed really funny, that I got the Club Wed card in the mail last night. Really, who would have thought, being single and all that right now I could get engaged and that TARGET would be the one telling me about it.
Just gotta laugh at this one! Now tell me, how can someone think God doesn't have a sense of humor. :o)

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