Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chosen Pathways...

This is something I sent in December to some supporters, after returning from Costa Rica.

it's still going to be a little while, as I process my thoughts & feelings about Mexico and get it posted. But I had a friend ask for another copy of this and thought, "let's post it on the blog" here it is. :o)

I recently read the following quote “ Remember, only 2 things are eternal: God (& His word), & the Souls of People. How that statement rings true. For me it seems to touch into my soul in it’s simple honesty. God and people are the only things that really matter. And one often, if not always, affects the other.
I’ll be honest (not that I’m not normally honest) I’ve had a hard time gathering all my thoughts from this past trip to Costa Rica. I can’t tell you why because I’m not fully sure myself. It truly was a great trip. We did a lot of good, working in the homeless shelter, working with different area churches, performing in different areas around the city. We went places that people in the city had never been themselves and were able to minister to people no matter where we were.
Yet in spite of all that I’ve struggled to be able to tell about the trip. Maybe it’s because this trip seemed to stir so many different emotions. I’m a crier ...I seem to always cry at the end of the mission trips, I’ve even started to look at it as seed watering...since so many seeds are planted for Christ on a trip, but this trip at the end I cried more, more then I normally do. And I’m not sure why. To me it didn’t make sense. And after processing the trip it still doesn’t totally make sense. I partially think it was because God moved. And not just in the normal ways he does. I think part of it was our team. We had a truly great team. One that had to have been hand picked by God and one that flowed and moved together so very well. We didn’t have issues learning the 30 minute drama that was new to almost all of us, we got along wonderfully as well, and who would have thought that possible with a team that was full of teenagers... they out numbered the adults on the trip. :)
But for me I think it was just being used by God in a more familiar way, a way of leading, helping those who needed help, comforting when comfort was needed, offering wisdom and just soaking up his presence. Having God meet us in the small moments as well as the big moments that we often don’t take the time to notice when we are here at home. Just allowing Him to lead us down his chosen path, where ever it may lead. Like the picture on this page, we can’t see around the bend, but knowing who made the road allows us a peace to follow the path no matter where it may take us.
While I don’t know where 2010’s path will lead me, perhaps to Mexico, the Dominican, Africa or some place entirely new, I will trust and follow the one who knows just where that path should go.

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