Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finding the Whitespace...

Today Bonnie @ Faith Barista talked about getting to her whitespace and even showed the journey in photographs.

I must say I was/am very impressed with that. 

Since I'm a photo person, I get it by way of pictures. 

So having the visual is a very nice thing for me.  It's a way my mind really connects.

And while I wasn't sure how I got to my whitespace when she first started "talking" I realized as I sat here that- well- "that's it". 

More often than not I get to my whitespace visually. 

When I'm driving down the road, and I see beauty all around me, that is when I often feel most connect with God. 

When there is a breathtaking sunrise or sunset my soul breathes a sigh or relief.

I also enter into my whitespace by lacing up my tennis shoes. 

Going for a run outside allows me to clear away everything in my mind.  It slows me down, while I have to focus on my breathing at first, it really allows my mind a chance to still.  To stop thinking of everything else that is going on.  I can pray, or think to God on the things going on in life, the needs, the blessings, just everything.  I feel clearer.  More focused, even when my body may be saying...are we done yet? My mind feels beyond better. 

I know I am blessed to live in an area where, almost no matter where I am there is beauty all around me.  Along the side of the road, traveling to church, to my parents house and yes of course on the running trail. 

For me, I keep busy enough, sometimes probably too busy that these moments in the car or on the trail is where God is able to speak to me most, becuase that is where I am quiet.  Where I am still. 
And that is when he is able to really grab my attention. 



dunlizzie said...

Thanks for sharing - I hope you have been able to find loads of white space recently - spring is too beautiful to miss out on for the worries of the world! Take care and talk soon :)

Leanna said...

TONS! And speaking of white- it SNOWED here today but will be 70 tomorrow!

Sheryl said...

Visual white space is so necessary. I'm glad you know where and how to find yours. Enjoy the new season!