Thursday, March 10, 2011

Faith Barista- Creative Rest

So today’s Faith Barista Jam is about Creative Rest.


Actually the series right now is on Rest in general.

And I must say it’s perfect timing for me. Since things with the health are as they are I’m feeling somewhat forced into some rest at least a little more than what I’m used to.

But as most of you know Photography is one of my hobbies. I feel as if I’ve been taking pictures my whole life or just about. Since my Aunt was always one with the camera and one day started passing it to me.

It’s a hobby that in the last few years has turned a little bit into a business.

One that I didn’t seek out, that just kinda happened.

In fact I started taking pictures of a co-worker’s daughter and it just has gone from there, where it progressed to her family, then to referrals of friends of there, then members of my church.

My best friend now has a company (she’s been taking pictures since we were in HS) and I’ll be co shooting some weddings with her this summer. Which has been really nice, us having a hobby that we both share one that allows us to get away for girl time some (she’s married with 4 kiddos- you know total opposite of me).

But here’s the thing of it, with adding the business aspect into it my hobby can get to where it feels like work.

The work of taking on the jobs, then the editing (which most have no idea what that actually takes), and for me the stress of simply wanting to make sure everyone is happy.

Happy with the price and the outcome.

As one who hasn’t had any formal training in Photography I must recognize that this talent is a gift from God.

And there are times that gift feels like a burden. With the whole use it or lose it mentality I don’t want to just set it aside. And if business is coming my way I don’t want to turn it down, I feel that may be something God is preparing for me.

But what about the aspect of it that I really enjoy, getting outside at the beginning of spring to take some shots. Going on adventures around the world and allowing people to see that though my eyes.

Giving a family that may not be able to afford to have photographs taken of their child because they don’t have a budget built for that.

Or my favorite aspect of it…the one that ties into my mission work. That one that shows that glimpse of need where we are, that shows a little window into that world.

Those are my favorites. Those are what make my heart sing.

That is where I must tell myself, yes if doing a wedding pays for part of a mission trip or a mom a photo of her baby… I’ll do it. Even with the pressure involved. Because it allows me to do what makes my heart sing.

Here are just a few of some of my favored shots from here and there.

I hope you enjoy them.


Sheryl said...

You have such a gifted eye! Thanks for sharing your work. I love that you have a good perspective---the "work" part of your photography helps to support the ministry part. How wonderful to have both sides of the coin.

Bonnie Gray said...

Wow! These are beautiful, Leanna. I didn't know photography was your thing - and it IS God's gift. "Formal" training. Girl, talent is something that can't be trained and God has blessed you with that gift, as you have said. It is a journey to discover how to be at home with something God gave you and also the opportunities He's presented. Thank you for sharing these in the jam!