Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's the protocol these days

What is the protocol these days when dating?  You know someone new that you haven't been friends with and haven't known?

I feel really lost with all of this stuff.

And how do you know if the person really likes you?

Or encourage the guy to let him know you're at least some what interested with out coming on to strong?

And how does texting fit into all of this?

Yes I'm super CONFUSED

I feel beyond confused really. 

See the new boy said he would call...he did Thursday...Thanksgiving day...when I was out at my parents.

So I missed the call.  And out where they are there really isn't much of a cell siginal so I didn't call back till later (6ish I think).  Plus I didn't want to have to explain who I was calling to the whole family and all that.

But he hasn't called back. 

Now we've texted a little bit but I've initaited most of it

Yes I have a problem when it comes to that.

I get bored and really I kinda want to see where this may be going but the stupid boy just hasn't called.
And yes, patience isn't a strong point of mine.  In fact I'm still waiting on the one thing I remember praying for long long ago (well, HS) and that's a husband so I tend to not want to pray for it now. Even though I probably should.  *sigh* 

But just what is acceptable?  What should I or should I not be doing in all of this.

I should also confess....

I deleted his contact info out of my phone.

Basically so I can stop being the one to initate contact.  Because I really feel like if he is worth dating he should be the one leading.  I just wish I knew how to tell him that I am a VERY busy person and that while I want to see him again if he doesn't ask soon there won't be time to make to be able to do that. 

I should also say he has said he will call via text and that he does want to go out again. 
And I also still have the message from the old boy who sent me the new guys info, so I can get it again but this isn't as easy so it should help keep me from just texting away. 

But really any advice would be nice, for those engagaged or married feel free to ask your guys what they think a girl should do or not do as well.  Some male perspective could be nice. 

 Because right now, I don't know what my part in all of this should be. 

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