Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rough Day

***Disclaimer- I know things aren't THAT bad- and that they will get better- That said...***

I just want to die…ok not really die but if someone could knock me out that would be fabulous.

I’m beyond sore today, which could have something to do with starting

(sorry if that’s TMI)

Which with the amount of pain I’m in and all of that I’m pretty sure all the other things were not just caused by my appendix.

Not that I really thought that anyhow since the doc had found 2 cysts –one of them being the abnormal one.

But this I’m pretty sure is the worst “cycle” I’ve ever had.

If I could pass out I would.

The drugs aren’t even working, well, hopefully they are a little. If not I can’t imagine how bad would be without them.

Since I’ve taken one of the 800mg of IBP, and ½ a vicodan.

And I was doing so well today, I had taken the IBP at 5:30am- because my doc told me to take it till it was gone for my muscles.

And that was it. Yes I was sore and in some pain but I really don’t like to be drugged.

So here I sit, at my desk, trying my hardest to focus enough to work, heating pad behind me, watching the clock, waiting for it to be time to go so I can lay down and pass out somehow.

Please know I know it will get better, I just need to vent a little, and don’t want to worry the fam.

And I plan to give it two months of cycles to see what’s going on with everything – I don’t think this one is a real clear indication of what is going on since I’m in pain from the other as well.

Then if I think I should we’ll get things checked out again.

***Good news though as well, I talked to the nurse last night and am “released” to run again. Or at least try to run I suppose.

If I feel up to it and take it slowly at first then see how I feel after I can get back to it.

Which after a week and a half of not running or exercising at all really – just a little walking- I’m VERY ready to be back at it.

Thank You God!!!

That’s the best news so far.

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Christy said...

Ah, girl, I am so sorry you are having a hard day. I will pray for you!!