Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've been hurt...

SO I'm sitting here thinking about last night, and the new guy, and just how nice he seems.

And while I feel nervous and a tiny bit optimistic I also feel well,....


Sadly, maybe a little terrified.

See I've been hurt before.

Actually almost every time I've been hurt.

Cheated on.

Lied to.


Not Cherished.

No I was never married in those relationships

But my heart was hurt. 

And I'm still so new getting out of this last hurt that I'm not sure I'm ready or willing to put myself out there again.

But a small voice whispers to me...

Fear isn't right.

Fear isn't from Me.

So I've decided, that though I may guard my heart fiercely this time I'm going to go out with the new guy

If he asks.

He may not and if he doesn't I know that will sting my pride. 

But at least I'll know I wasn't hiding in fear. 

1 comment:

S.I.F. said...

It's always scary, but when it works - it is SO worth it!