Thursday, September 23, 2010


“Do not worry…
Look at the birds of the air,
that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns,
and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.
Are you not worth much more than they?”
~ Jesus in Matthew 6:26

Big shout out to my blogger friend at Faith Barista
She's started what she called the Faith Barista Jams.  Weekly Topics (on Thursdays unless I've crossed my days) that we can all blog and share our feelings on.
I've wanted to participate since she announced it but to be honest, life has been beyond crazy this past month.  And shows no signs of slowing.
However today's topic -WORRY- seems very fitting in this season of my life.

Also I LOVE the scripture at the top- which I stole off her page. 
It's such a great reminder of what a promise we have in Christ. 
That promise that he will take care of us, provide for us. 

I must say I'm just like Bonnie though. 
I worry.
I try not to but I do.
And more often than not that worry turns to stress,
which like I wrote before leads to all sorts of bad things. 

I confess I've been doing my fair share of worrying lately.
With the sister being engaged to a boy she's only known 2 months comes a lot of worry.
I feel like I can't help it, she's my sister. 
But I shouldn't worry.  God can take care of her. 
He can open her eyes if it's not right.
He can speak to her heart.
He doesn't need me to worry or stress about it (or do a background check on the guy)
He has it under control. 
I just need to trust and pray. 
That's my job.

He also doesn't need me to worry about my housing situation.
Yes I need to budget, pray, and plan.
But he will work it out for me when it comes to buying a home.

The real truth of the matter is that we can all find something to worry about at any given moment. 
No matter the day or hour there is always something we could worry about.
But the REAL truth of the matter is that we don't need to.
He has it all under control.
We need to let it go, give up that control and allow him to move in our lives.
In his time and in his way.
He will work it out so we are provided for. 
We needn't worry about that.


Sheryl said...

Great post! We need to do what we can---the budgeting, praying, planning . . . and trusting. Trusting that God is in control and will not only superintend over the details but also give us new direction when our budgets and plans take us that aren't his.

Bonnie Gray said...

Oh, Leanna! I am SO happy you're jamming this week because I love your blog and how you're sharing the single journey. I found myself single at 30, too and so I am totally on your side. I love your heart. Thank you for stopping to share your feelings, even in the midst of so much CRAZY. ;) It's true, there IS always something we can choose to worry. I'm learning the heavy lifting is ignoring it long enough to pursue the stuff that makes our heart swell! Whenever you're up for it, you'll always have a seat at the jam! :)