Saturday, September 4, 2010

Trash the Dress...

Today I had a "trash the dress" session.
Most of the time these sessions are done with divorce's.  However today I got to shoot a friend who is getting married next month.
She had a 2nd wedding dress that she bought. For $ was the 1st dress she bought before she found the one she will wear in the wedding.

A trash the dress session allows you to do pretty much watever you want...sit where ever, get dirty, wet, just be crazy.
Usually you can't do that with a regular bridal session since they have to be very careful not to get anything on the dress before the big day. 

I'm so excited about these pictures.  We had a blast, aside from the fact that I fell in the creek and hurt myself :o( at least I didn't know I had till after I got home- and PTL I didn't get the camera wet!!!  I would have probably cried like a baby!

So here's a editing done at all yet so I'll post a few more later once that's done.... but for now enjoy!

 Can you tell I had a hard time picking just a few out? 
Is she not absolutly georgous!!!  I think she should take up modeling!


S.I.F. said...

I have a serious obsession with trash the dress pics! I don't even care about having a dress for my acutal wedding - I just want one for the trash the dress session!

These turned out gorgeous lady!

Leanna said...

i love these sessions too!
I may start checking second hand stores for old dresses so I can do more of these :o)