Monday, January 30, 2012

I can only imagine...

Now let me just say I do think "I can only imagine" is a great song.
Really I do.
But tonight the guy on the radio was talking about having a discussion with a group of HS kids on what heaven will be like and it hit me...
Does it matter?
I mean don't get me wrong. I think heaven will be great, totally awesome infact. But I also think we won't have a clue on what it's really all about till we get there.
And I don't really think that it's something we need to be concerned with.
I think we need to be about our Father's business while we are here.
Doing the things that need to be done.
Living in a way that leads others to him.

After all I don't know about you but I have enough to focus on in the here and now.
And I trust that whatever heaven is like it will be more than we can really imagine and all that we hope and dream of.
After all we will be there with our Lord.
What could be better than that?


dunlizzie said...

I totally agree. I think for a long time, many churches where so focused on getting folk saved (nothing wrong with this - in fact we MUST be concerned with this and pursuing this) but they got stuck on salvation being the ticket to heaven and stopped there, forgetting that it's just the beginning of the mandate Christ gave which was to make disciples and labour for His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Now please don't get me wrong in thinking I am lambasting the church, I am not. I love the church; I am the church. I am saying though that Biblically speaking, eternity for us starts now, not only just then in the sweet hereafter. Will it be sweet? For sure sweeter than we can imagine, but with salvation, we don't have to wait until then to experience His kingdom. He tells us to start living it now in spite of the world around us.

A work in progress said...

I see where you are coming from. But I also remember in colossians 3:1-4 we are told to think and seek for things which are above where Christ is sitting at the right hand of the Father. This is how I see it, All that we do here on earth we do with Heaven in view. If we are going to evangelize, minister, witness, disciple, teach, preach, love, etc.. DO it with Christ in Mind. To do it with Christ in mind is to have a Kingdom Mindset. the Kingdom of Heaven. SO i guess i'm saying balance it out.

Leanna said...

I think seeking things that are above and focusing on what heaven will be like are two different things. Maybe that's just me...but I feel that's more like having a kingdom mindset than it is "imagining" what heaven will be like. We do need to evangelize, minister, witness, disciple, teach, preach, love, etc...with Christ in Mind. But LIVE here and focus on those things that need to be done. Not focus on "streets of gold", lack of pain, sorrow or anything that will be going on when we are in heaven.
I think we're on the same page, just that some lines were crossed in what you thought I may have meant.