Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sick & tired....

I'm exhausted.

And sick.

And finally admitting it.

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I didn't want to.  Especially after reading battlefield of the mind.  I was really working on watching my words. 
But even Joyce Myers stated that it isn't about denial.  So I have to admit, that even though I am getting better, even though I'm claiming my healing, I am sick. :o(
And I don't like it. 

I've even pretty much lost my voice. 

That's NEVER happened before.  And it is SO odd. 

I did prom pictures for a group of 14 last night and had almost lost my voice completely then, so trying to yell when it comes out a whisper is pretty funny. 
Thankfully there was a mom there to help me out and help keep the kids in line. 

Then I went on to church which was great- though I tried to sing.  Now, my speaking voice is "something else" right now.  So my singing voice...whew...let's just say that it's a good thing I was with out a volume level and that the music was loud!  It was THAT BAD...and this morning I didn't even try to sing.

So now I'm sitting in the house waiting out the new round of Arkansas storms, not talking and resting the voice. 

Tomorrow in the office with no voice should be interesting. 

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Alyssa Rose said...

Ah! Praying you will get well soon, girlfriend! ;0)