Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's been a busy month

May has been so very crazy for me. 

I don't think I've had a free weekend the entire month.  In fact I was busy shooting pretty much every weekend.  Most weekends I had more than one photo thing going on.
Between the 3 weddings, a 1st Birthday, family shoots, maternity shoots....It's been unbelievable.
I've had a great time during most of them. 

But boy am I tired.  And I sure am glad June looks to be a bit slower so far which will allow me a chance to rest and hopefully enjoy some of the summer. 

I am starting to wonder if all this work has taken its toll on my physical issues. 
I've had a few times with more intense pain.  Which sucks.  But I've managed most of the time with just OTC stuff, only once did I reach for my perscrition, and that was only because I was working a wedding that day.

But I'm still believing for my healing, and will be calling the specalist in Little Rock again soon, to see if I can get in there and get looked at again.  Hopefully I'll have a cyst (yes it's just as odd for me to say that as it probably is for you to read that) so they can take the fluid out of it. 

I have noticed too that my blogging hasn't been as often lately so I thought I'd share just a few images of my My last weekend in MAY with you. 
I hope you enjoy. 

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