Friday, June 29, 2012

Sidelined by singleness...

Today Ms. Annie Downs is the guest poster at (in)courage.

Her post is titled What Are You Afarid Of?
Here's the link... What Are You Afarid Of? ....If you have time totally go check it out.
Then Follow Ms. Annie at Annie Blogs ! She is one of my fav people to read via blogs. 
Really!  She's just so fun and upbeat and I just LOVE her!  :)

But today on her (in)courage post it really hit home.

See I've been working on that whole thing she was talking about.

The "I'm not waiting anymore thing"

Now I don't me that I'm not waiting on THAT.... I may have had a few bumps in the road but I'm all for waiting to see who God really has for me. 
I know that one day he's going to bring someone that's just GREAT along. 
And I really look forward to that. 
To all the things we will share together then.
But until that happens I still want to LIVE.

I have to say that like Annie there were many things I didn't do in my 20's that I had really wanted to do.  Because I didn't want to do them alone.

I should take a moment to mention too that I come from a group of girls who out of the 6 of us in High School that hung around together (and still do for the most part) I was one of two that didn't marry shortly after High School. 

And was the ONLY single one.

Which there is nothing wrong with but still...when you are young and scared to do things,  it's hard to just do it. 

But last year I hit the point of being tired...of WAITING!
Now don't get me wrong I've been SUPER fortunate to be able to do a lot of things that most people wouldn't normally do. 
I've hit every contient now with the exception of Antartica (it's on the bucket list) and done a lot of amazing things with some amazing people.

But there are somethings that I want to do...
Things that other people don't need to do with the photography classes I took earlier this year.
Or things that other people aren't interested in driving the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway for those of you who may not be familiar with the Cali abrevation).
The current plan is to do this in December...alone.  :)  And I'm excited. 

When I told my mom last year that, that was what I wanted to do, she asked who was going with me.
When I told her no one she wasn't particularly happy. 
But I looked at her and told her, with most of my friends being married, having kids, not having the money or time...there wasn't anyone to go with me. 
She thought I should wait. 
I told her that I'm not going to wait to do the things that I want to do anymore. 
To be sidelined because of being single. 

I let her know that I can't keep waiting to be married to do things that I long to do.
God gives us desires to do things.
And I think God wants us to have fun.
And I think there are GREAT things that come from doing things ALONE. 

Because in truth we are NEVER alone!
God is always with us. 

Now I'm not saying I think we should do things that are stupid. We shouldn't do that just expecting God to protect us. 
But like I said I do think God wants us to challenge ourselves. 
I think that challenges often make us grow and learn things. 

Things about ourselves that we may not learn with others. 

And I'm looking forward to adventures.

Like next month...I'll be headed to Peru on  a mission trip.

Once our group gets a break from ministry (for 3 of the 17 days) I'm going to head to Machu Pichu for 3 days.


I hadn't intended to do it alone but the person that was originally suppose to go with me backed out.

And I couldn't imagine passing up the chance to see and experience that part of the area just because it would just be me. (Now I am totally doing a tour thing...which I might not do if more of us were going but to me this is a safer thing to do).  At first I was afarid but as time passes I'm getting excited.  Really looking forward to some alone time to process things after the work phase of the trip. Something that I think I'll really need.

So...don't let fear or singleness keep you from doing the things that you've wanted to do. 
Go out and live this life as a great adventure. 
You never know who God will bring across your path in that situation. 
And you never know what you will learn. 
You may just stumble upon who you really are and a new area of your heart. 

But either way you'll probably have a BLAST!

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