Friday, May 11, 2012

So I quit...

So I quit...

Yep it's time. Beyond time in some cases. But this time I decided I'm done on two things.

One is youth.

No I don't mean the whole staying young and healthy thing.

I've been doing youth for about 10 years now with a little break in between for a moment when I switch churches and then started doing the young adult classes. 

Other than that there was maybe a year I wasn't doing it.

I have always loved it.

I love the kids.

Getting to speak into their lives.

Interact with them.

And honestly just show them someone loves and cares about them.

But honestly these days I'm tired.

The youth group has shrunk and the new youth pastor is at times difficult.

Don't get me wrong he's a nice guy.  But he's very disorganized both on paper and in teaching styles.

I had been ready to go right before this guy came but didn't want to leave the kiddos in the transition time.

But it's been over a year now n

And I'm ready to leave.

Plus I'm trying to get fully plugged into the new church.

Its hard todo that while I feel liked still have to attend the old one.

Plus take into consideration that I feel as though no one in the church really cares if I'm there.

I know that sounds so poor me-ish right?

That's not the intent though. It's just that I can miss over 4weeks of  church and no one ever says anything.

They don't worry where I am. I've even "spoken" to some on Facebook and get no responses. It's just well odd. I don't know.

But today I wrote my letter of resignation and will give it to them next week.   next Wednesday will be my last youth service.

It's actually very freeing.  I'm hopeful for the things that God has in store now.  :)

The other thing I quit today was the boy I mentioned a few posts back.

Or at least quit caring about him romantically.

The one I thought there was potential with, that's done.

 I've decided I'm not going to care about him any more, at least not for anything more than a friend.

See I found out 2weeks ago that he was dating 3 other girls at the same time. And not that there's anything wrong with that for most people, but honestly I'm looking for more.

Especially from a Christian guy.

I deserve someone really taking the time to get to know me and I don't think that's possible when you're doing that. At least not with me.

I know I have my issues. And while I know I'm working through them. I also know I'm not willing to put my heart on the line for someone who isn't willing to risk anything.

Bad thing (or good really depending on perspective) is that I HAVE to put up with him till the end of July.

See he's going on the mission trip to Peru with me.



A little over two weeks with the guy on a mission field.

One where I'll be leadership. And where it's his first mission trip.

So there's the added incentive to be nice and try for friendship right there.

And since I can't see him liked would like I'm choosing to not see him in that way at all.

Because the last thing I want is for resentment to grow in there and the trip to be awkward.

So that's what I figure now's the time to quit.

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