Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh My...

I realize I've left you all hanging for quite some time now on the things that were going on over here. 

Life has just been super busy as always and I didn't have time to make it all work. 

So I let the blog slip a little...again. 

So let me fill you in on things.

Got the results of the mammogram. 
I'm all clear with the exception that I need to do self exams at least twice a month and then if anything new shows up or anything changes to what is there I have to go in right away.
Otherwise I can wait until I'm 40 for the next one.
So big Praise the Lord on that one.

The other stuff...we'll I go in again on the 13th for all of that.
But I am waiting, believing and trusting God for my healing.
I'm doing my best to understand that I don't need to have an answer of what it is to know that He is taking care of it. 
When I have an "attack" I'm speaking against it and believing I'm healed. 

I know what ever happens,that my God is bigger than all of this. 
And that even when I don't know his plans, the whys in all things or what He wants me to learn
I know I can trust Him with all of it. 

And it will all eventually be ok.

Sunday Night Sun Set

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