Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Last night's date went well. Good in fact.

It was comfortable, conversation flowed easily, and I think we both had a pretty good time.

I found out (I say I now we because I think he knew) that he's actually my best friend's, sister in law's brother.  Aside from knowing literally a TON of other people that I know, went to school or church with and all that. 

It was just crazy.  Not the bad crazy at all. 

Because like I said I had a good time. 

He picked me up, we went to dinner, the conversation flowed easily, and after dinner we went to the hospital.
Yep, we went to the hospital- we have mutual friends that had twins yesterday. 
The husband happens to be his best friend and I've known the wife for almost my whole life. 
He asked if I was ok with going to see them since the guy had asked him to stop by and I told him sure.

Yes I do think it was odd that we did this on our first day, yes there were definite moments once we were there that I felt awkward and think he did too.  But oh well, no big deal right.

After the hospital he took me home.

No kiss, no hug, not even an hand shake.

Which I'm ok with, really, really ok with. 

Because there just doesn't seem to be any spark there.
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I know I thought to myself as we were walking to the door, " he really doesn't seem the type that will try to kiss me.  And I sure hope he doesn't".
I'm just not feeling that pull, the attraction. 
It's total nada.

And I feel bad, because this guy doesn't sound like he's had good luck with girls. 
Not in a long while at least.

And I don't want to hurt his feelings or for him to think there's anything wrong with him.

But even though he is a nice, christian, semi good looking, hard working, sweetie....

I feel no pull to want to be anything more than friends. 
And I can't "see" us together.

I did agree to go out with him one more time.

Which I hope is ok. 

I don't want to lead him on in any way, but I do recognize that first dates are rough, and maybe just maybe "his game" or mine was off last night.  So I want to give it a second chance. 

But like I said, I had a good time.  

I'm just not feeling it. 

No matter how much of all the right things he has. 


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S.I.F. said...

I'm a BIG believer in the spark, and sometimes, even when a guy seems perfect "on paper", it just isn't there. Giving it one more chance is a good idea, but if it's still just not there - hold out for that spark!