Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Going Gaga....

Lady Gaga that is.

Last night I went to the Lady Gaga concert in Tulsa, OK.

There may be a few of you now thinking, hummm...she doesn't seem like a Gaga type. 
Which aside from the upbeat tempo of her music I must say that there's not a TON that I truely like about her.  (That's not negativity, just honesty).

So WHY was I at the concert last night?
Because it's what my best friend wanted for her Birthday.  And sometimes you do things you don't really want to do for the people you love.  And no one else wanted/would/could go with her.  So I did. 
And honestly ususally when we're hanging out together it doesn't matter what we are doing, I usually have a great time.  Because she's my best friend and that's how it works with us. 

Now before I start to really tell you about my experience I want to say that I'm not judging here...not intentionally.  Really.  And no words are going to be spoken in any malicous way.  I'm just simply sharing my preception on the evening and the show.  Also keep in mind that I didn't get home till 2:40am today and had to get up at 5:30 for work so I'm opperating on 2 1/2 hrs of sleep.

If there are those of you out there that are big fans of hers, well more power to you.  And I'm sure you would love her concert. 

To say I didn't LOVE her concert is a good way to sum it up.

Our very first experience with the concert was when we walked into the venue.  There were people outside picketing.  And by people I mostly mean "Christians".  The reason I use "" there is because what I define a Christian to be is Christ-like.  These people weren't being that, not most of them. 
There were a few that were alright, just passing out tracts kindly with information on them.  I don't know what the tract said - because I didn't take one, seeing that I already am saved. But other than the 2 like this I saw they weren't being nice.  In fact HATEFUL is the word I would use.  I had one guy basiaclly tell me or someone in my general direction that I was going to hell...funny, I didn't realize he was able to condem as God will do on judgment day.  Then there were the people who were picketing, yelling, on the other side of the street with signs that said God hates Gaga, and so on.  I didn't look in detail because really, I have no desire to see hate like that. 

It made me sad really to be honest.  To see people who were saying they were Christians (because that's what they were associated with- from what I could tell- I add this since I did not speak directly with any of them so I do not know) acting in this manner.  Yes I believe in black & white but I believe that the root of the message of Christ is love ...

Mark 12:30-32 ---Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” ---

And if we are to show people that message being mean, nasty and hateful is not going to show them that Christ loves them.  And how if you are acting that way will you get anyone to hear what you have to say?  Yes you'll be noticed but not your message.  To me these protesters were trying to show these people they are wrong instead of showing they are loved. 
But anyhow...on to the concert experience.
First, let me say that there were 2 opening acts.  The very first one I still do not understand.  It was some weird person who came out on stage for 20min or so and jumped around playing different songs.  It was horrible. 
The "real" opening act was a group called Semi Prescious Weapons.  And while their beat was ok, and some lyrics were catchy I really feel like there were just there for added shock value.  The lead singer took his pants off during the first song and never put them back on.  He had pantyhose on and fortunatly a long enough shirt to cover everything but other than that.... well let's just say when Maria would turn to me and say they weren't that bad my answer was usually -"But he doesn't have any PANTS ON!" It was CRAZY.  And not the good kind like the mentally disturbed kind.  Because really WHO DOES THAT!
And yes I'm sure some of you are thinking...."she was at a Lady Gaga concert" but really I had no clue or expectations when I arrived there. 
One they were finished we had to wait for Gaga to come on.  We waited an HOUR between the 2 acts. 
Now maybe I'm just used to smaller or even Christian concerts so I don't know if this is a normal thing.  But let me state this.  Twenty minutes after the first act finished the stage was set.  How do I know?  Because where we were sitting I could see the actual stage behind the curtans.  And all was done in that amount of time.  -I'm not complaining though I will admit I am pretty sure I did last night, today I just think it's crazy and wonder if this is normal.  **and No Gaga did not come out for the 1st number in a TOTALLY CRAZY COSTUME that would have warranted that much time, like I thought could have been the case. 
 -I have to "pause" this post, but want to post what I have so far, so look for part 2 of Going Gaga soon.

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