Monday, January 11, 2010


I simply can not believe that it's almost here...

I don't really want to admit that it is...

But I suppose I have to ...since it is now 2 days away

My 30th Birthday is this week. Now, now, before you get on my case about 30 not being old

I know that it's not really. However, it just seems odd. I don't feel 30 I don't feel like I have the life a 30yr old should have. Not that that's a bad thing.

I know that as I look back on the past 10yrs or so I can see God's hand on my life. Shaping it and moving it and me where He chooses to.

Putting me places I wouldn't have imagined, teaching me things...some that while I was being taught I wouldn't have choosen but also knowing as I look back that those times as well as the good ones have made me who I am today; for better or worse.

It's been a few difficult weeks for me. Life sometimes forces you to make choices, that you're not sure of when you make if its the right or wrong thing. Then those make you make other choices. So I find myself needing to cling to Him more right now. To ask for guidance, direction and hope for the future. No matter what it may hold.

And for my heart to be guarded... I know that I need that more than anything. Along with wisdom to know where to go and what steps to take.

Here's hopeing that the next 10yrs will be as full of life and adventure as the last 10!

If you've been apart of it at all these past years, Thank you! The adventure wouldn't have been the same with out you.

a shot from New Year's Eve

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