Wednesday, November 2, 2011

24 (or more likly 30) Days of Thanksgiving

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I'll have that post about the Encounter soon. 
But before we get to far into the month I wanted to share what I'm doing with all of you. 
Maybe you've heard about it and maybe you're not. 
But here's the deal.
Many people are taking the days of November through now and Thanksgiving and listing one thing they are thankful for. 
Most are doing it via Facebook (which is how I'm doing it)  but I think even if we all did it on our own it would be a good thing.
So here's what we do (Oh yes I'm counting you to be in already)

Daily just tell, list or remind yourself of ONE THING you are thankful for.

That's all you have to do.  Now through Thanksgiving Day - though maybe you'll be like me and do it all month. 
It doesn't have to be  a BIG thing you are thankful for. 
For me TODAY'S was COFFEE. 
Because I'm really thankful for coffee this morning.  And really when I get down to it find it to be a blessing.  Is that silly, maybe but I think that God is ok with our delighting in the little things. 

Here was yesterday's as well though too in case you want to go into it more. 
YESTREDAY: I'm thankful most of all for a God who loves me enough to save me.
Loves me beyond my understanding and does it even when I don't think I'm love able myself.

I thought it was a good thing to start it all off with. Plus with the Encounter Experience it really fits in and hits home for me. 
So join me...let's all think of one thing (and share it) daily. 
Who knows we may rub off on someone else who really needs it. 
And we may create a habit of thankfulness in our own lives that extends far beyond the month of November. 


Jennifer said...

I'm thankful for a small heater that is keeping my feet toasty in this cold office! :)

Leanna said...

Me too Jennifer, DAILY! :)