Monday, June 20, 2011

Life is BUSY...

Really anyone who knows me knows how true that statement is.

I'm a planner.

Actually I'm probably more of an over planner in most cases.

My weeknights are booked pretty much every evening, and my weekends, well,  let's just say when I have a totally free weekend it's a very rare occourance.  And that rarely happens.

But I like my life.  Busy as it is.  Even if it means I fall a little behind sometimes here at the blog.
(Of course the internet problems at home really, really don't help). 

So this post is about a week behind but I still wanted to share. 

See I had my YWAM (Youth With A Mission) DTS (Discipleship Training School) 10 year reunion last weekend. 
And we had a BLAST!
Not all of us were able to attend, but given that 7(not counting the spouses & children) out of the 18 of us in our class were there I think that was  a pretty good turn out. 
And it was SO SO nice to visit with everyone, catch up on the lives of one another and see how we are all doing. 
It was a very reality type filled time, even if our days at YWAM weren't so reality filled. 
No offense meant to the structure but living in a "bubble" for 6 months (or a year if you did the next school) isn't very realistic. 
Though I wouldn't really change much of anything from that year since I walked away with friends who I'm still very close with and love very dearly.  And was able to spend almost a year with God, drawing closer to him and doing mission work. 

So we caught up with one another and totally decided that we aren't going to wait another 10 yrs for a reunion.  We are going to shoot for next year or the year after.  Who knows maybe then we will get everyone there!

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