Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I've been thinking a lot about settling these days. Why? Seems like life is always changing even when I don't want to admit it. And as I journey on I keep thinking am I settling? Accepting things just because they are easy, or there or well, whatever.
Does it matter? Yes I think it does. Why?
Because I think that God wants what's best for us.
And really even with a fear of sounding selfish when I say this,
I want what's best.
Is that an easy road, right now...that's an easy answer...NO.
So I wonder, do you ever struggle with this? With wanting what's best, with allowing God to give you what's best? Even if that means giving up something good knowing that it's good
but knowing that there is something better, something that's best.
And knowing that, that something BEST some times takes longer.
I'll be honest, I can be very impatient sometimes, I don't like to wait.
Which is probably true for most of us, however that doesn't really make it easier does it.
But I know that I need to wait, I know that the things I'm settling on I don't want to settle for,
I know that I really do want what's best even if it's not what's easiest.
And I know that because I've not always waited for what's best it's hard to get out of the
"now mess" that I've made.
But I also know deep down I'm not a settler, and that doing so will leave me unhappy in the long run. Along with yearning for something more...
And who wants to look back knowing they settled and could have had better?...
Not me.
So that's where I am today, if you think of it after reading this would you pray for me? That I would hear clearly from God, that I would ALLOW Him to guide & direct me. And that I would WAIT for Him & the things he has for me.
Wait on the Lord: Be of good courage,
& HE shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the LORD.
Psalms 27:14

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