Thursday, October 8, 2009

embracing thoughts...

I’m not a deep thinker, well not in my opinion of what one is, but lately there has been so much going on so many ‘big” life moments that I find myself thinking deeper. Wondering on the whys of life and the way things happen. I often don’t go there because I trust, God that is, and unless something hits just right I trust that he has a plan and knows what he’s doing and the why behind it. If he chooses to reveal that to me then great otherwise I’m usually at peace with whatever is going on.

But like I said, these past few weeks have had a lot of life events. Things that leave me questioning the why, not in a bad way just in a hum this doesn’t really make sense to me way. I suppose I should say that the events of the past few weeks are more life/death events that make me question, as it’s usually something bigger that does something more final. You see a few weeks ago a student died unexpectedly from a staph infection. A teenager who appeared to be in good health and suddenly he’s gone. I didn’t personally know the young man, but many of my kids did (my kids are my youth group) and they described him as a nice guy, someone who was polite, had manners, treated everyone with respect; you know one of those all around good guys. Then just this past weekend a 10 year old girl was struck by a car and died. I only knew her and her family briefly from when I was at YWAM years ago…when she was still a baby/toddler. But seeing the news coverage & family/friend interviews it touches my heart to hear of a girl who touched so many in her short life. And it leaves me questioning why…why did two very young people die. To young people who by all appearances had such bright futures a “lifetime” ahead of them. And on the flip side I had a very dear friend who just participated in the Komen 3-Day breast cancer walk, a 60 mile walk. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago and thankfully is surviving. Doing well and so far after chemo and all the other treatments is cancer free. While she still has to go back often for tests to make sure it is staying gone the outlook is positive and something we are all very thankful about.

But it leaves me questioning the why’s of it all. And while I know I’m sure I’ll never have the answers to it I know who does which I guess is the most important thing. And I know that if nothing else this should serve as a reminder that each and every day should be lived- not only in a daze with the hope of just getting though the day- but really lived, making the most of all opportunities. Even the small opportunities – the ones that allow us to be kind to others, to embrace the ones we love and care about, to weep with those who are weeping- all those things- Life should be embraced each day, each moment. And lived for we do not know what moment will be our last.

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