Monday, April 16, 2012


So, I started dating someone 3 weeks ago.
Really nice guy, LOTS of potential. 
I didn't say anything on here because well...when it comes to relationships of this nature I find them deeply personal.
Which is just how I am.
I often don't tell my family about them and more often than not, things are over before anyone gets to meet anyone else.
I know...that's probably not a good thing right?
But it's almost always how I've been. 
I have no real reason behind why I've been this way it's just me I guess.

I'm trying with this one though to kind of do things differently.
I've told my parents about him (which is almost a first).
And my sisters.
Even friends.

Which is a good step for me.

But I'll be honest.
I'm having a hard time with everything.
I want to like him but there is a big element of fear there in doing so.

I'm afarid I'm going to get hurt (AGAIN)
And I don't want to get hurt again.

So I'm trying to just pray through all of this.

Will you pray with me?
I'm asking specifically for peace. 
That no matter what I will allow God to give me his peace in this situation.
That His will, will be the guiding force behind all my thoughts, moves, motivies or whatever in this.


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