Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm pretty sure I don't like...

My Birthday...

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Not that I've ever really been a big fan of it. 
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy spending time with people, that's one thing I love, so I love getting together with people for my Birthday I just don't like my Birthday. 

And tomorrow is the day.  The day I say GOODBYE to 30 and will say hello to 31.
Which like I've eluded to, 30 wasn't my year.
So I have hope that 31 will be better. 
I certainly plan on not repeating the same mistakes that I made in the last year so that should help. 

But honestly, even things in the last week haven't been great, so I'm not putting a lot of stock in this Birthday being better. 
After all I still haven't heard from the New Guy after last Friday's Disappointment something that I had been hoping for.  Even if it was just a call kinda explaining things a little more. 
You know just something I was looking forward to for this Birthday. 

But really even with that, I hate that I have to make so many decisions when it comes down to things because of the birthday. 
Like where we all get together to eat for the celebration.  (So far there are 3 planned and I have to pick all 3) And I also have to pick the movie.  That's hard for me with a group of us because what if someone doesn't want to see something. 
And really I just don't do well with making decision.  In most cases I just don't care. 
Which it honestly the truth.  Unless something just sounds bad be it food wise or movie I don't care what we do, where we go, or who we see. 
It's just the whole  act of getting together that I really like. 

So can't someone do me a favor and pick for me?  That's what I'd really like for my Birthday. 

That and for the New Guy to actually call me.

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